Why Canadian Juniors Don’t Win Gold Anymore

Once again, it seems, Canada’s World Junior team is being over-coached, over-analyzed, and top-heavy with management idiots that try and get cute with stupid decisions that almost always blow up in their faces.

The Canadians had an exhibition game available on TSN tonight, so I thought I would tune in to see what moronic decisions our bloated front office staff would make this time around. And sure enough, before the puck was dropped, we were alerted to the fact that a decision has been made to employ the top goal scorer in major junior hockey this year (Steenburgen) as the 13th forward. And you wonder why the gold medal has been so elusive recently?

I guarantee you this team has more suits running around on the taxpayers dime, pretending to do something, than they do players on the ice. Here’s an idea: Forget the brainstorming, forget the stupid systems, forget the video sessions. Drop the puck and let the kids play.

By the time these clowns get through messing with our kid’s heads, they are so paralyzed, they can hardly move out there.


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  1. Bill Hebburn // December 23, 2017 at 8:49 pm // Reply

    Let em play, Hockey Spy. Couldn’t agree more…

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