Vegas. So Weird.

In past years, most NHL expansion teams tried like hell to win, and could only lose.

The Las Vegas, oops,  the Vegas “We’re Not the London” Knights – having acquired one-kabillion draft picks during the past summer – were hoping like hell to lose and lose often during their inaugural season, thus enhancing the positioning of their many picks. Instead they remain in firm possession of a playoff spot.

If their coach isn’t careful, he’s gonna get fired for winning.

Due to an uncanny series of goalie injuries, the team is now playing their 14th string goalie, and yet they remain afloat.

The fans don’t know a hockey puck from a casino chip, most of them probably didn’t pay for their tickets, they don’t know the players names even with a program, but the building remains full.

When visiting teams lose it’s assumed they were out gambling all night. As if the home team can’t do the same.

Their uniforms are weird, their coach couldn’t give a damn about analytics, and some Russian guy quit the team after a couple of shifts and high-tailed it back to the KHL.

Their top point getter isn’t listed in the NHL’s top 50 scorers.

For some reason using the city’s actual name (Las Vegas) was deemed to cumbersome, so they chopped the name in half and went with just Vegas. Let’s hope that doesn’t catch on around the league. I’d hate to see the New Rangers, the Phil Flyers, or the San Sharks become a thing.

This entire thing is just nuts. But then again, enjoy it while you can. Once the NFL moves into Vegas, their hockey team could go 82-0 and no one will notice.

Snake eyes.

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