The Edmonton Pumpkins

According to this story, the Edmonton Oilers are planning to wear those ridiculous orange jerseys on a fulltime basis moving forward.

The Edmonton Oilers simply don’t get it.

The New York Yankees get it. Their iconic uniforms haven’t been altered in decades. Hell, they won’t even let players wear nameplates on the back. The Montreal Canadiens and Detroit Red Wings get it. When the NHL’s new jersey sponsor came on board a few years back, and decided to not only shrink the fit of the jerseys, but to alter the colours and striping for many of the teams as well, Montreal and Detroit told them to get lost.

The Edmonton Oilers were one of the NHL’s last dynasties. With the salary cap in place, dynasties will be a rarity in the NHL. Rather than build on their legacy and continue with a uniform design that would be instantly recognized anywhere, they first opted for a weird copper colour to be added, and now they plan to go all-orange-all-the-time.

Before the Orange Lovers Association starts chirping back at us, we do want to point out that the Philadelphia Flyers have done a good job featuring orange as their primary colour. But the Oilers orange is almost neon. Too overbearing. Too bright. And it severs all ties with a blue uniform design that was perfect as is.

Then again, the Oilers can’t seem to get anything right. They built a fabulous new arena that somehow features long washroom lineups and a press box so far away from the game action some reporters are wearing parachutes.

Orange you glad you don’t live there?

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