Simmons The Troublemaker Strikes Again

As you know, Sun Media’s Steve Simmons has made a career out of creating nonsense. Just recently, while covering the winter Olympics, he wrote a column mocking mixed-curling because it was some kind of new, made-up sport. As if those guys skiing down steep hills, on snow boards, backwards, while mounting some kind of metal railing, just prior to flying over a giant riser of snow, have been doing it for decades. Ah yes, the great tradition.

Today, a visit to the Toronto Sun website revealed a heading, promoting a Simmons column, that read: “Leafs Need to End Silence on Lamoriello.”


Aside from Simmons, who gives a shit who the Leafs GM will be next year? Lamoriello is the GM now, and will be for the balance of the season. Let’s worry about next season, when next season arrives.

Does Simmons really think that Toronto fans are losing any sleep over next year’s GM situation? Of course not. This is just the last example of Simmons trying to create controversy, where none exists.

And as usual, he fails badly.

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