NHL Video Review Solves Nothing

The widely disputed, incredibly controversial, totally confusing “non-call” call by the NHL’s war room during Edmonton’s collapse of all collapses last night doesn’t surprise us in the least. See video here. 

First, the NHL video review dudes, hiding behind the curtain like the Wizard of Oz, have been providing strange and inexplicable interpretations all year long. What everyone at home can see with clarity, is for some reason rarely seen by the guys making the final call. And just to make matters worse, they will turn around a week later and contradict their previous logic.

Secondly, as we alluded to in an earlier post on this site, when it comes to the NHL playoffs, the rule book is revised every period of every game. Infractions that were deemed to be penalties all year long, are suddenly just a part of the game. As each subsequent round of the playoffs begins, the leniency increases yet again.

By the time they reach the final round, the gutless zebras on the ice are more or less monitoring a game of rugby. No one can move more than three yards without being fouled or hauled down. But that’s okay, because the NHL doesn’t want their referees to be the reason a team wins or loses.

And of course, because of that stupidity, the referees are often the reason a team wins or loses.

Whine all you want Oilers’ fans. It’s just your turn. You won’t be the last.

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