Mike Babcock: The Comedian

That Mike Babcock, he’s a funny guy.

Just this week, he made two statements that should have left the pundits rolling in the aisles with laughter.

First, when discussing Toronto’s physically-gifted, mentally-challenged defenceman, Jake Gardiner, Babcock actually said, “Jake’s got elite hockey sense.”

No Mike, he doesn’t. In fact, it’s Gardiner’s never-ending mental gaffes that have defined his career to date. As a rule, a player that lacks hockey sense, will always lack hockey sense. You either have it, or you don’t. It can’t be taught.

And then, when once again trying defend the stupidity of playing Zack Hyman on the same forward line as the elite Auston Matthews, Babcock came up with this gem: “Hyman is a great forechecker, makes great passes from under the goal line.”

No Mike, he doesn’t. He may forecheck well, but when it comes to passes, Hyman is absolutely brutal. Especially down-low, below the goal line, when his heads-down, tunnel-vision style forces him to make blind, Hail Mary passes to the slot area, without any idea where his line mates are positioned at the time.

Based on the two examples above, is it just a matter of time before Babcock describes Matt Martin as the team’s elite sniper?

That Mike Babcock. Such a kidder.

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