Jack Eichel: Mr. Sourpuss?

No doubt, the NHL has big marketing plans for its trio of super-kids (Connor McDavid, Auston Matthews, and Jack Eichel.)

McDavid is already a Sydney Crosby clone: Scoring champ, league MVP, and fully determined to be controversy-free for the next two decades. Colin Kaepernick he is not.

Nothing appears to rattle Auston Matthews. His humility is genuine, making him the perfect fit for the world’s biggest hockey market in Toronto.

While Buffalo’s Jack Eichel can also be described as quiet and humble, he differs slightly from the others in that he also appears to be a bit of a sourpuss, as his on-ice facial expressions and body language often confirm.

It doesn’t end there. Rumours were rampant all last winter that Eichel was at war with ex-coach Dan Bylsma and ex-GM Tim Murray. Eichel tried to downplay the rumours. Clearly, as this TSN article indicates, he needs lessons in downplaying. If this is what Mr. Sourpuss was saying publicly, just imagine the whining going on behind closed doors.

So, in comes a new coach (Phil Housley) and a new GM (Jason Botterill).

Jack Eichel has now boxed himself in. If Mr. Sourpuss shows up again anytime soon, he may begin to challenge people like John Tortorella and Brett Hull for top spot in the Malcontent’s Hall of Fame.

Smile Jack, before everyone starts to laugh. At you.



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