It’s Time to Defy Gary Bettman

Greedy Gary Bettman won’t let NHL players participate in next year’s Olympics because he couldn’t extort any new money from the governing bodies for his NHL owners or any new concessions from the player’s association. Oh sure, he suggests the compressed schedule would be a problem if the league had to shut down for a few weeks during the Olympics. Funny though, he didn’t seem to mind this year’s compressed schedule, forced upon teams to accommodate Bettman’s failed World Cup tournament.

Alexander Ovechkin has made it clear that he doesn’t give a damn what Bettman has to say, he’s going anyway. And if Ovechkin is going, so too will other Russians. But that alone won’t have the impact needed to put Bettman in his place. We need several prominent Canadian and American players to follow suit. Hockey players are famous for being politically correct. It’s time for a few of them to break the mould. Too bad Brett Hull wasn’t still active. You just know he’d be on his way to the Olympics, with a big smile on his face. He’d probably fire off a mocking telegram or tweet to Bettman upon arriving.

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