Don Cherry Got It Wrong

Someone might get injured?

That was Don Cherry’s rationale (on Sportsnet radio) for not sending NHL players to the upcoming Winter Olympics?

Using that logic we would never have experienced the magic and drama of the 1972 Canada/Russia series. We would never have seen Canadian hero Paul Henderson score the winning goal in the series’ final three games. We would never have seen our country stand still for several hours before erupting in coast-to-coast elation when it all worked out in our favour.

We would never have witnessed the incredible hockey on display during the Canada Cup tournaments. Anyone who saw the 1976 Canadian team in action may have seen the greatest hockey team ever assembled, lead by a hobbling Bobby Orr. Who can forget the 1987 Canadian team when Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux teamed-up to quell a stacked Russian side? None of those great moments would have happened if we adopted the Don Cherry “someone might get hurt” mantra.

If we worried about Sydney Crosby being hurt when Vancouver welcomed the world to Canada, we would never have shared the euphoria of his Olympic winning golden goal.

A lot of fantastic World Junior events would never have occurred had we backed down simply to avoid a possible injury.

For a guy who apparently loves war, and never stops talking about the Canadian soldiers who died fighting for their country, it seems bizarre to hear Don Cherry suddenly suggest this country should wimp out just in case someone might miss a few NHL hockey games due to injury.



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