Declaration of Greed

According to this Sportsnet article:

The NHL and NHLPA have unveiled hockey’s “Declaration of Principles”, in an effort to “develop, promote and support positive changes in the sport’s culture.”

The story indicates that 17 different hockey organizations also signed on to this wonderful piece of public relations bullshit.

If the NHL really wanted to change the culture of hockey, they could start by explaining why money and greed are keeping the game’s top athletes away from the upcoming winter Olympics. They could then explain why ridiculous out-of-control ticket prices are happening, all in the name of greed. They could explain why their desperate need to squeeze every single available penny out of the sport will soon see players skating around with advertising on their sweaters.

If the NHL really was sincere about creating a new culture in hockey, why would they send Gary Bettman – the most insincere leader the sport has ever known – to deliver the sales pitch?

If the NHL really wanted to bring about positive change, they could start at the top, and change their leader.

They won’t.




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