Assault NHL Style

It was a savage attack, by Matt Calvert, a gutless nobody.

Here’s the video.

And the reason he did it?

Because the NHL says he can.

By issuing a feeble one-game suspension, the NHL is basically saying “go ahead.”

And so, it will continue. Eventually, someone we get hurt. Hurt badly.

The sport is dangerous enough on its own. Just ask Roman Polak.

The fact that Tom Kuhnhackl was not injured should be a non-factor.

They should punish the act, not the result of the act.

But they won’t.

Their laughable reason for the suspension?

“It wasn’t a hockey play”

Sorry Gary Bettman, it was. We see that shit in your hockey league all the time.

At least, man-up for once, just once, and own it.

Hell, this league can’t even stop the kindergarten level, never ending, totally boring, post-whistle, pushy- shovey, face-washing, trash-talking sessions that happen after almost every whistle.

Obviously, that could be stopped in one day.

It’s simple: First offender goes to the box. Right away. Every time. No exceptions. First period, third period, tenth overtime period. It would disappear immediately.

If they can’t stop the fake tough guys from the pushy-shovey stuff, you just know the nasty stuff like breaking a stick over someone’s head is here to stay.

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